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Boys Guide To End Bullying

How To Talk To An Adult

Here we will provide you with tips and ideas for both reporting bullying and asking an adult for advice in dealing with bullying.

It may seem like adults do not understand what is happening, but it can be helpful to tell a trusted adult that you are being bullied or if someone you know is being bullied. Often, an adult can help when a friend or classmate cannot.

Reporting bullying: Reporting bullying means the adult is going to take some type of action to stop the bullying.

Always report bullying if you or someone you know is being threatened or is in danger. The following are tips and ideas for reporting bullying:

Asking for advice: Bullying can be upsetting to both victims and those who witness it. Sometimes the best way to deal with bullying is by asking an adult for advice. They can offer ideas on what you can do and can help calm you down.

Adults to talk to:

The following are tips for talking to an adult about bullying:

Think. Think about what you want out of the conversation whether it is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, advice, or action. It can help to make notes so you remember everything you want to say.

Tell. At the start of the conversation, tell the adult what you really want out of the conversation. This will help things run smoothly.

Emotions. It's okay to feel upset when talking with an adult. It's even okay to cry. In the long run, talking will make you feel better.

Be Open. Being the victim of cyber bullying can be overwhelming so the victim may need a voice of reason.

Other options. If you feel like you may be too upset to talk, write a letter or send an e-mail ahead of time.

Keep trying. If you feel like the adult you are speaking with is not listening or is not taking you seriously, tell someone else what is happening until someone offers to take you seriously.

Friends first. If it makes you feel better, start with a friend. Ask if they will go with you to report the bullying to an adult or would talk to the adult for you. 


Here are some examples of ways you can talk to an adult about bullying:

If you see bullying happening: In the sexual bullying section, we watched as Maggie was a bystander to Lisa. Watch as Maggie asks her teacher for advice on what to do to help Lisa.  


If you are being bullied:In the physical bullying section, we saw Sarah being bullied by Susan. Watch as Sarah talks to her mom about what happened.


In the verbal bullying section, we watched as Rachel was bullied by her classmates. Watch as she approaches and asks her guidance counselor for advice on how to stop the bullying.


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